Friday, May 6, 2011

My cheatin' heart...

So... I've been cheating on you. Let's be honest, I started this post pretending to be empowered and single. I "broke up" with my boyfriend a year and a half ago. I was lost. I couldn't breathe and was drowning. It was such a scary feeling. I felt like I was drowning in us and loosing me. I loved him very much but didn't know who I was. Initially it was a mutual decision... But later, I realized I was the one that had laid down and died. He initially fought for me and then with me. I wish I had not given up. We had been through so much and I thought I wouldn't survive it. But ironically enough, I did... We, however, did not. We were broken up for over a year before we were really done.
This is where the cheating comes in... I still love him. If I could be married to him instead of Adventure, I sure would be.

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