Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Obsession...

I live for IT. I wait for IT. All week long. Speaking of long... I long for IT all week. I anxiously take stock of all that I have. Make lists of what I might need. I gather up change and dollar bills that are scattered everywhere for IT.
What is IT you ask? IT might be my favorite source of entertainment on the weekend. IT... (I know you are anxiously waiting. Hold on...) is the... FARMERS MARKET.
I can't help IT. I don't really cook. I love the way produce looks. I love local goods. Buying local. Eating local. I wish I could go on and on but I won't. Saturday is but three days away. I have some planning to do.


  1. Which market do you go to? The one downtown? There is a lovely one here in STL, but we haven't been yet. Our biggest deterrant? The fact that they don't take debit cards!! How silly is that?

  2. Boo Cayla. I plan. I pull about 20-40 bucks for it. And go absolutely crazy. I go to the Broad Ripple one and the one Dwntwn too.

  3. We just went this weekend for the first time. Your post inspired me sufficiently, thanks! We got baby beets (OMG!), corn on the cob, grape tomatoes, and peaches. I have yet to prepare the beets, but I am salivating just thinking of it. Maybe I will post some pics and the recipe for what I am planning for them. Orange Ginger Glazed Beets. Doesn't that sound heavenly?