Saturday, August 7, 2010

101 Things to do...

So I have made a list. I'm not naturally a list maker... But I made a friend at the art museum's outdoor movie a few years ago. She told me about this magical list she was doing. I was intrigued. I have thought about it a million times since then... And I have used every excuse I could find not to do it. I have officially run out of excuses.

101 Things to do…

1. Renew my Passport

2. Go somewhere that requires a passport

3. Visit a winery in Indiana

4. Visit a winery in Napa Valley

5. Lose 30 lbs and keep it off for more than a week

6. Go on a date or two

7. Take a road trip with friends

8. Paint my bedroom

9. Paint my living room

10. Get a new couch for the living room

11. Get a wrought iron bed

12. Renovate my bathroom (or pay someone to)

13. Trust Griffin outside of his crate

14. Run in a road race

15. Visit Chicago for a weekend in the Summer/Fall

16. Go to a Colts Game

17. Mission Trip to Guatemala

18. Attend a First Friday with friends

19. Eat healthier for a full month

20. Cut fast food out of my diet for 1 month

21. Drink more water

22. Read 5 books in a year (pitiful I know)

23. Go to Mexico

24. Go to Symphony on the Prairie

25. Go to an outdoor movie at the art museum

26. Get a hitch put on my car

27. Pay off credit card bills

28. Keep my house clean for a month straight

29. Take a photography class

30. Hang pictures in my living room

31. Hang pictures/d├ęcor in my bedroom

32. Landscape my yard

33. Attend 8 festivals in Indianapolis

34. Run the canal loop

35. Run the canal loop with Griffin

36. Get another tattoo

37. Learn to sew

38. Pick out fabric for mom to make me a quilt

39. Get new furniture for my spare bedroom

40. Tithe regularly

41. Rejoin a city group/house church

42. Travel to Italy

43. Take a yoga class in a new city

44. Climb/hike a mountain

45. Visit Portland Oregon and Portland Maine

46. Go to a soccer game in Europe

47. Have dinner at Amici’s

48. Learn to suture

49. Attend an AANP conference

50. Attend an orthopedic conference

51. Have a spa day

52. Go Ice skating

53. Take a jewelry making class

54. Buy an Alessi Watch

55. Go 1 month without spending money on unnecessary items (i.e. clothes, jewelry and other junk)

56. Take a trip to Owensville when Mom and Dad aren’t there.

57. Buy a pair of Birkenstock clogs

58. Take a trip to SanFran hippyland.

59. Dog sit for a friend

60. Skip doggy daycare for 1 week… Replace it with the barkpark

61. Clean my basement

62. Seal off the cracks at the base of my house that causes my basement to get wet

63. Go to a book club

64. Go see a movie by myself

65. Buy a dress and wear it

66. Vacation with my family

67. Visit NYC

68. Go to the Trader’s Point Farmers Market

69. Ride my bike to the downtown farmers market to the broad ripple farmers market

70. Use my treat receipt

71. Get my nails painted and keep them painted for 1 month

72. Get to know a patient and their story

73. Buy a road bike

74. Buy bike shoes

75. Buy clipless pedals

76. Ride a bike clipped in

77. Do the NITE Ride

78. Do the LATE Ride

79. Have dinner at the Red Lion Grog House

80. Learn a foreign language

81. Go snow skiing/snowboarding

82. Take my nephew to the Children’s Museum

83. Make dinner for myself (not microwaving) 1 night a week for a month

84. Take my lunch to work everyday for 2 weeks

85. Make a dessert

86. Spend the day at the Central Library

87. Get a subscription to a magazine

88. Grow my hair out

89. Dance at a wedding

90. Go out for just dessert

91. Buy a wall clock for my dining room

92. Go to an auction

93. Buy something at an auction

94. Buy another pair of TOMS SHOES

95. Donate clothes to Goodwill/AMVET/Salvation Army

96. Subscribe to a professional journal

97. Buy a long necklace to replace the one I lost

98. Visit a brewery

99. Make friends with someone unexpected

100. Buy something at IKEA that isn’t food related

101. Post this to my Blog


  1. You know now, that you are going to have to update us all weekly as to which ones you have crossed off the list or which ones you are working on! ;-)
    Great list, by the way. But sometimes those lists can seem overwhelming and seem to point out deficiencies. The nice thing about your list is that most of them are doable. (I don't know about learning a foreign language~that seems pretty hard).
    Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. You blog!!! Yay!

    I love your list and that so much of it was food related. And could you buy your clogs during the month that you weren't buying unnecessary stuff? I think so. I think it would cancel out. Also - Read The Help! Please!!!!! You'll thank me for it.