Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where do I begin...

I sit here scouring other people's blogs trying to figure out how to begin. Do I start with telling you a little bit about myself? 32, single, and searching... For what? I don't exactly know. Do I tell you about what I believe in? FYI, Christian frequently lost but always refound. Do I tell you about my adventures? My most recent was the N.I.T.E Ride (a cool way to tour the city). Do I tell you what's next for me? Well, even I don't know that.

Maybe I should start with telling you the point of my blog... Oh wait there really isn't. I am attempting to embrace my singleness. I have decided that if I am meant to be alone then I shall be "married to adventure". With this blog I will drag you, willingly or unwillingly, through my everyday, mundane and not so mundane, life.

So come along and enjoy the ride...

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